International Night

Thursday, May 24th – International Night

We need many volunteers for this incredible event. If you can help, please use the links below to sign up.

Potluck Sign Up -

International Night: Table Sign Up -

International Night: Volunteer Sign Up -

Another way to help, some of the students will be creating instruments out of recycled materials. If you have any of the materials listed below or other recycled items that might be useful, your donations would be greatly appreciated. Collection boxes will be set up in the connector by the main entrance.

Recycled materials:

· Empty water and soda bottles

· Plastic milk containers

· Coffee cans

· Oatmeal containers

· Plastic egg cartons

· Plastic takeout containers

· Paper towel tubes

· Yogurt containers

· Cereal boxes

· Shoe boxes

· Empty jars

· Old CDs

*Please rinse all plastic containers before placing them in the collection boxes.

In addition to the recycled materials listed above, we will also be collecting these additional materials.

· Colorful duct tape

· Balloons

· Fishing line

· Rubber bands

· Straws

· String/Yarn

Thanks in advance for your help. If you have a question, send an email to