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About Hosmer PTO

The Hosmer School Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) brings resources to Hosmer classrooms, staff, and community. We work with the school faculty to provide programs that enhance the elementary school experience of our students and families. Our success depends on every member of our community.

All parents and guardians of Hosmer students and Hosmer faculty are considered members of the PTO and are invited to participate in monthly meetings and activities.

The role of the PTO is to support Hosmer teachers and the school administration to enhance the primary school experience of our children. Our activities focus on academic, social, and cultural enrichment. The PTO welcomes all parents, guardians, and teachers to join us in planning community events and programs.

The PTO functions at two levels. We act as a liaison between parents and the school administration conveying suggestions and opinions of parents to the school administration. Parents are encouraged to use the PTO as a support network and as an additional source of information. Our second function is to enrich the educational, social, and cultural experience of Hosmer’s children by supporting classroom activities and organizing supplementary programs in alignment with the curriculum.

The Hosmer PTO is a 501(c)(3) organization. Gifts are tax deductible to the extent allowed by the law.

2019-2020 Board


Nicole Higgins

Vice President

Dawn Slaven


Christopher Higgins

Recording Secretary

Laura Daly

Corresponding Secretary

Christina Murphy

Classroom Representative Chair

Kendra Foley

Teacher Representatives

Sarah Thiemann

Katja Pearse

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Teacher Reimbursement Form

Teachers, here is your form for applying for reimbursement for supplies from the PTO. Thank you!