Hosmer School Fun Run Fundraiser 2019

Get Involved:

1. Register your student to collect donations & earn fun prizes:

Start pledging now! Visit https://go.rallyup.com/hosmerfun to register your student and collect donations through 11/13/19

2. Volunteer on 10/22/19: sign up HERE or email Nicole@HosmerPTO.org

3. Take advantage of employer matching: suggested letter HERE


Why are we having a Fun Run fundraiser?

Money raised from the Fun Run will help the PTO purchase more active classroom options (such as wobble chairs and feet fidgets) for Hosmer classrooms, additional recess games, fun activities and more.

Do student fundraisers get anything?

You bet! Each level of fundraising comes with a fun prize. Visit https://go.rallyup.com/hosmerstudent to see all the neat prizes.

What are the important dates?

  • Start Pledging: Today!
  • Fun Run: Oct. 22
  • Pledges Due: Nov. 13

What Happens on Hosmer's Fun Run day?

There will be many fun-filled, active outdoor activities for all students!

What do the students do?

Students ask sponsors to donate money towards their fitness goal and collect donations through November 13. Students will receive rewards for raising one dollar or more. On October 22, during school hours, all Hosmer students will engage in fun activities on the Hosmer field.

Who’s involved?

Hosmer physical education teachers and parent volunteers will set up stations for *EVERY* child who wants to participate.

Do you take Credit Cards?

Yes, we take credit cards! Sign your student up at https://go.rallyup.com/hosmerstudent and share their page with family and friends. You can also access the Student Center at https://go.rallyup.com/hosmerfun.

We takes checks too. When sending in checks, please include the student's full name, grade, and teacher and make checks payable to "Hosmer PTO."

Thank you Hosmer Community & Supporters!